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AUSTIN, TX – Did you know if you see an armadillo on your birthday, it means a year of good luck? Or that it’s bad luck to leave cowboy boots pointing north? Or if you want the notoriously fickle Texas weather to change, eat a piece of pecan pie crust-first. Texas’ history is full of tall tales and outlandish myths like these. That’s why Texas Secretary of State Hope Andrade is out to make sure voters know the truth about Texas’ voting process.

Secretary Andrade today announced a new voter education effort, the “Make Your Mark on Texas” program, aimed at answering questions about voting and the voting process for Texans in the 2012 election cycle.

“Voting is every Texan’s opportunity to make their mark on Texas’ future,” said Secretary Andrade. “The voting process should be simple and easy to understand. This program is about busting perpetuated myths and separating fact from fiction when it comes to the voting process.”

The voter education program will include updates to website with new, dynamic features for voters, a new smart phone application, and the Vote Texas App. Texans will also start seeing television, print and online advertising designed to raise awareness of voter resources such as Secretary Andrade will also embark on a statewide tour, visiting communities around Texas before the Primary Election on May 29 and in the Fall before the November 6 General Election.

At many local community events throughout the year, Texans will be able to step into a photo booth to have their photos taken and woven into the largest digital Texas flag in the world. The flag will be continually updated and displayed at and on the program’s Facebook page and highlight voters who plan to “Make Your Mark on Texas” by voting this year.

“I urge Texans to visit to find out if they’re registered to vote, and if not, find out how to register. The site will also be regularly updated with new information on the 2012 election cycle. This is every Texan’s opportunity to make their mark on Texas,” said Secretary Andrade.

At, Texans can learn everything from how to register to vote, track important deadlines during every election cycle, and refresh their memory regarding what documentation is necessary when going to vote. The site also includes important functions allowing Texans to find out if they are already registered to vote, where to find their polling place and instructions on how to cast a ballot.

For more information on voter registration or elections in Texas, please visit

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